My wife and I are a low income couple trying to start a family.  When we first went looking for an agent to represent us, it was hard to find someone who would take us seriously.  From the first time we met him, Blair made it clear that his number one priority was to get us into a house that we could love.  While searching for a house Blair was absolutely amazing.  He was patient with our whims, thoroughly knowledgeable, and always a pleasure to explore a new house with.

When we finally settled on our new home, Blair bent over backwards to help make the process as smooth for us as possible.  He dealt with every new twist and turn thrown by a fairly wily deal with consummate professionalism.  He made sure that we always understood our options and that we knew that we were in control of the deal.  His advice helped turn what could have been an unpleasant waste of money into a successful purchase of a house we plan to stay in for many years to come.

We love our new house and we know we couldn’t have gotten here without the help of our amazing real estate agent, Blair Paul.

Michael and Lucia Van Horn


Hope all is well with you. We just wanted to express our great appreciation to you for your help in selling our house. Having it listed, signing an offer and closing in less than a month was beyond what we had imagined. Your experience is truly evident and your excellent communication with all the parties involved was critical in completing the deal. It was a pleasure working with you.

Thanks again!

Jake and Veda

Jake & Veda Hikida


Thank you for bringing such a happy ending to your three years of searching.  And I certainly hadn’t allowed looking into many places, having decided that the only acceptable choice could exist in one part of the building where I already lived.

. . . Your experience at deducing what was going on was really helpful as possibilities didn’t work out, followed by waitings that that seemed to continue forever.

I appreciate so much everything done.  And, you were certainly better at what I’d been doing myself for some years before, catching a possibility of the right vacancy.

Thanks again

Sue Vadman


Thank you so much for the guidance and recommendations that you gave us when we listed our house with you. The relief we had knowing you were only a phone call away to answer our many questions, was a great help, because we didn’t live in the area. We also appreciated the help you got us in cleaning up our home and disposing of all the unwanted things. Your knowledge of the area, experience, and sales technique, proved to bring things to a very satisfactory sale. We would strongly recommend the use of your services. Thanks for an outstanding job well done.

Harriet (Pomerenk) and Bob Chase


Dear Jan and Blair:
Ken and I want to thank you for successfully completing the sale of our duplex at 4739 University View Place N.E. Not only were you gracious and friendly, but your attention to detail and willingness to explain carefully each step of the way were outstanding.
Thanks for your great effort.

Ken and Ellie Clark


We worked with Blair for two years during our search for a home. It was important to us to work with someone who was trustworthy and ethical. We felt confident with Blair. Blair accommodated our search style. He gathered the information that he knew we wanted and was available to dig up more. Blair helped us evaluate the market. We also relied on his knowledge of neighborhoods, traffic patterns, development, home styles and building standards. We found Blair’s law background a comfort when we reviewed offers and counteroffers. He recommended quality contractors to do work quickly for us before we moved in. Before we put our home on the market, Blair advised on updates. He marketed our home so well that we almost wanted to move back in. We particularly appreciated his work during the difficult negotiations with buyers. Blair is an excellent real estate agent.

Dave & Wendy Van Koevering


Working with you to purchase our new house this year was a truly wonderful experience. Your experience and helpfulness made a potentially frustrating experience into a pleasant one. Your advice on the bid and other key aspects of “getting” the house (there was lots of competition) were invaluable. Thanks, Blair, for staying on top of things and making this process so smooth and comfortable.

Linda and Mike Stuart


We have known Jan and Blair Paul for a number of years having first met them in the mid 1980’s at an Open House they were hosting in our neighborhood.

In 1995 we asked Blair to make a market valuation of our residential property at 4516 37th N.E. in Seattle. He presented us with a very detailed, very professional appraisal, reflecting, in our view, an excellent knowledge of property values, current and comparative market conditions and possible selling strategy for the Seattle area.

In January 2003, we listed our home with Blair and requested that the sale be coordinated with the purchase of our new home in Napa, California. Our property sold in eight days in a rather weak market condition through what we felt to be an excellent advertising program, well-attended Open Houses and Jan and Blair’s wonderful relationship with prospective buyers.

Adding to this most successful sale was the establishment of a warm and friendly relationship with the Paul team. We recommend them most heartily to anyone desiring full service and professional representation.

Charles and Evelyn Rowell



It is with pleasure that we recommend Blair and Jan Paul for real estate services. The Pauls represented us as agents in both the purchase of our new home and the sale of our previous one. Their friendly, prompt attention to our questions made us feel that they enjoyed working with us. They spent time getting to know us on a personal level and were thus better able to anticipate our needs.

From the beginning, we trusted the Pauls’ sense of honesty and fairness—a major factor for us. For instance, Blair evaluated several situations that arose with potential buyers regarding conflict of interest and advised us of both the legal and ethical consequences. Because his ethics coincided with our own, it was easy to make the proper decisions.

We also valued Blair’s combination of intuition and experience that he applied to offers and the people who made them. More than once, he wisely steered us away from overly complicated or suspicious dealings. Blair’s training as an attorney also helped in this regard.

The Pauls’ lifelong residence in our local area gives them a special knowledge of the Northeast Seattle neighborhoods. That, coupled with their expert understanding of the fluctuations of the real estate market, gives them a singular advantage in representing properties in this part of town. Their knowledge of the market allowed them to recommend realistic courses of progress and action.

Negotiating the processes of real estate transactions can be a complicated endeavor. Blair and Jan’s association with the respected Windermere firm allowed us to work with such professional in-house teams as financial consultants and mortgage brokers. This streamlined time and communication for us.

Finally, the Pauls remained positive throughout the sales process, which for us came at a “dead” time of the year. They gave us tips for the best presentation of our home and garden, and held several open houses on Sunday afternoons, never letting us become discouraged. After the closing of our final transactions, Blair and Jan have remained in touch to make sure we are happy in our new home. We feel comfortable calling them with requests or questions. We do not hesitate to recommend them.

Ruth Ann Pennell and David J. Doneux


Dear Blair,
Thank you for your assistance in selling our home in Seattle. Due to our relocation out of state, it was imperative that our home sell in a timely manner. Your astute knowledge of the Seattle marketplace, your focused marketing strategy and the strong Windermere name really produced results. Multiple offers within six days!

Blair, we could not have been more pleased with your outstanding attention and understanding of our needs as home sellers. As such, we will enthusiastically recommend you and the Windermere agency to all of our friends and colleagues. Once again our sincere thanks for making our home selling experience extremely positive. Any chance of expanding your market to include Milwaukee?
Paul & Laurie Cyr

— Paul & Laurie Cyr    
Dear Blair,
Even though a few months have passed since we moved into our new home, I hope it’s not too late to express Ted’s and my appreciation for all your hard work. Not to mention your patience and wonderful sense of humor.

Even though it seemed at times to all of us that the prospect of our finding just the right house, at just the right price, on just the right street, before someone else made a slightly better offer than we did, was becoming increasingly unlikely, you hung in there with us until we did find our home. It is not the style of house we had thought it would be, and it isn’t exactly where we thought it would be, but we are very happy with it and, in the process, have learned a great deal about what is really important to us in a house.

So thanks again for all you and Jan did to bring us home.

All the best to you both,

Ruth Neuwald Falcon and Ted Falcon


Dear Blair,
My family has just completed the move into our new house in Bryant. We’re thrilled with the place!

Rebecca, the kids and I would all like to express our deep-felt appreciation for everything that you’ve done to make it possible. We’re well aware that we were demanding clients ­ we had a very specific picture of what we wanted and knew that it would be hard to find. Add to that the challenging market for buyers in the sought-after Bryant/Ravenna neighborhood and you had what we often assumed was “Mission Impossible”. Nonetheless, you consistently kept us informed of the situation in the market and gave us advanced information on any houses that came close to our requirements. Your understanding of our needs also meant that we didn’t have to take time from our busy schedules to needlessly check out houses that weren’t a match ­ you effectively provided that screening service.

Without your service we would never have been able to make the successful offer on our current home. With the early information and advice you provided we were able to make an immediate offer and tailor it to the needs of the seller. We were able to close the deal early and avoid what likely would have been a protracted bidding process with competitive offers. In addition, you provided useful advice on contract options, inspectors and other service providers that undoubtedly saved us considerable time and money.

It has been a pleasure working with you and we highly recommend your services to anyone considering buying or selling a home in our area.

Morgan Brown & Rebecca Bundy


I have known Janet and Blair Paul since 1984. In the Spring of 1989 my husband and I became interested in a home that was for sale in our neighborhood. The home was listed by owner but we needed someone to sell our home first and also help us through the closing of this house. We contacted Blair who did a great job of both selling our home and advising us about the closing on our new home.

I have felt so comfortable with Janet and Blair that I have also had them help with two other transactions since then.

Blair’s knowledge of real estate law, his contacts for financing, coupled with Jan’s knowledge of community features and creativity in marketing a home makes them a strong team to work with.

I have no reservation recommending the Paul’s for listing or selling a home or property, in fact, I would never consider listing or selling with anyone else.

Barbara A. Slatt


It is our distinct pleasure to recommend Blair and Jan Paul to you.
We had been going to open houses for months, and had met literally scores of realtors, before we had the pleasure of meeting Blair and Jan one afternoon. It was immediately clear that while the open house they were hosting was not perfect for us, Blair and Jan were!

We were struck by their obvious energy, low-key enthusiasm and genuine warmth. It was clear they were actually interested in us ­ and not just our business. When we found out how much Blair and Jan know about buying and selling homes, and learned of their deep roots and strong commitment to this community, we knew without qualification that we had finally met the couple we wanted to work with.

The decision to sell our home of seven years was an emotional one for us. Blair and Jan understood that we were selling a home, and not just a house, and they were sensitive to that and worked hard to minimize the disruptions to our lives that selling our home might otherwise have presented.

Blair and Jan highlighted the special features of our home to prospective buyers ­ features we were proud of and glad they noticed. They told us what we needed to do to get ready to sell. They worked with us to come up with a fair, achievable price, and they explained to us how they arrived at their recommendation. They immediately conducted open houses for brokers to get the word out, which it did.

Then, Blair and Jan went out and sold our home ­ for more than our asking price and to solid buyers ­ the very first day it was on the market. That should tell you more than enough about Blair and Jan, but before closing we wanted to mention two additional things which we think are significant.

The first relates to the house we bought. We ended up finding a home that was sold directly by the owners and without (at their request) agents of any kind. Although we were eventually successful in closing that deal, “going it alone” is not something we’d recommend. Fortunately, we really didn’t have to “go it alone,” because Blair and Jan were with us every step of the way . . . helping us to understand the process, make credible offers, draft contract addenda, come up with creative financing schemes, pick closing agents, etc. I’d be surprised if there’s anyone else in the business that would have put in that kind of effort for us under those circumstances!

The second thing about Blair and Jan is that our friendship with them didn’t end when the deal was done. We still see them out in the community working hard. Next thing you know, you’ll read about some award they’ve received or accepted, or you’ll run into them at Starbucks. Maybe you’ll find, as we did, that one of their daughters is one of the teachers who has been treating your children with such love at their daycare.

In other words, Blair and Jan are real people who contribute and care. And they know what they’re doing. We recommend Blair and Jan to you without reservation.

Kevin Raymond and Christi Kenyon


Dear Blair,
We just got your newsletter, which reminded us to thank you for the neat gift you sent us ­ it came in very handy when we had some unexpected guests and gave me a chance to brag about northwest salmon.

Also, thank you again for the smooth, stress-free transaction you engineered. You gave us good advice, changed strategy at the right time ­ you should be a quarterback! When it’s time for us to make another Seattle connection you’ll be hearing from us.

Peter & Ursula


Dear Blair:
I’m glad that the closing of the sale of the house went smoothly. I’m also happy that the house will be lived in and cared for by new owners. I hope the new owners enjoy living there as much as my mother did.

Again, I’d like to thank both you and Jan on behalf of myself and all my brothers and sisters for all of your hard work and overseas telephone calls that were required to sell my mother’s house. Should I ever have real estate business in Seattle in the future I hope you won’t mind if I ask for your assistance again.

Kathryn Van Dyck


We were so thrilled to really get the check!
Ever since seeing your names in the local paper …I just knew if it was a team of “The Pauls”, we’d really sell the house! Jan, I remember in Garden Club how very personable you were, and thorough.

John and I thank you so very much for all the time and energy you put into selling our house. It was a mess, but your time and hard work paid off. I couldn’t believe it—kept thinking it would fall through—but it didn’t.

We need to get a used van as ours is sick, and our kitchen needs new tiles. Hope you’ll celebrate too. You must visit us sometime and use our pool.

Carole and John Sobolewski


Thanks so much for the letter you wrote for our use in the assessment appeal. We really appreciate your time!


Mare & Joe Pelerine