Our Buyer Process

When you are ready to find the home that meets your needs, trying to find the right type of home, in the right area and within your budget can be a challenge and at times, overwhelming. When you are ready to start your search, it may be tempting to jump in the car and begin looking at homes. However, our years of experience indicate that taking time to evaluate where you are currently, what is and is not working about your current living situation, and creating a strategic plan with a seasoned professional who knows the Seattle market in and out can be very beneficial to you and your real estate goals.

Whether your desire is a single level in Shilshole Bay or a funky farmhouse in Fremont, our process begins with a conversation about you and your wants and needs…

  • If you are available for a sit-down meeting, that is a great way to get started. That being said, we know you are busy and if you would prefer a chat on the phone, that is just fine. In either case, we will talk with you about what you are looking for, what steps you have taken thus far, and if you have determined your home budget with a lender.
  • If you don’t have a lender in place yet, we can provide a referral. We have several lenders we work with who have access to a number of different loan products so you can find the mortgage broker who will best meet your needs.
  • We will also discuss the nature of the current market. We have markets in Puget Sound that are very hot and where multiple offers are the norm. We also have markets that are much slower and favor buyers. The amazing thing about our amazing city and state is that these markets can happen simultaneously! One price point may be selling like hotcakes while another has homes that linger for 100 days or more. This is where we have the opportunity to strategize!
  • We will be out looking at homes and we encourage you to look for homes as well. We never know when that perfect home may pop up and the more eyes that are out looking, the better!
  • When you find a home that feels like it could be “the one”, we will obtain all the documents from the listing agent. We will take a look at the seller disclosure statement to get a first look for problems that could be hidden from the naked eye.
  • When making an offer, it may seem like the right thing to do is go by the list price and make an offer from there. However, we will also do a thorough comparative market analysis to determine fair market price and determine our offer strategy from there. Price, however, is just one of the items to negotiate in an offer.
  • Once we have an offer accepted, we suggest having an inspection done to learn more about the home you are buying. Even if a home is only a few years old, it pays to have an inspection report created. Depending on what the inspector finds, we may be able to work with the seller to get certain maintenance items taken care of before closing.

We will make sure the transaction moves along with deadlines being met in a timely manner until the transaction closes and you have your keys in your hand!

Buying Success

Organization and inspiration are the keys to finding the right home. Ready to get started?

  • Clean up your credit report. Get a copy of each of your three credit reports and making sure there aren’t any discrepancies such as errors.
  • Decide out how much house you can afford by meeting with a lender. To see how much home you are able to afford, use our mortgage calculator section, but that is no substitute for meeting with a lender! They may be able to advise on small credit balances that can be paid off to extend your borrowing ability if that will better-meet your goals.
  • Prioritize what is most important and what is least important in a home. Make a list of everything you want in a home. We will go over your list, so we have an understanding of your wants and needs.

As we tour, we suggest making notes as you look at the home. Some people even take along video recorders or digital cameras to remember which features go with which home.