Maple Leaf






Located north of the University and south of Northgate, Maple Leaf was selected as the Neighborhood of the Year years back, chosen out of the entire United States. This quiet neighborhood has seen a switch from being predominantly a middle class, family community to a retired community; currently, it is shifting back towards younger families. Demographically, it has a diversity of people, in true Seattle style. The Northgate Mall borders Maple Leaf to the north and is a big employer for retail work.

Housing styles are varied, with a mix of both the old and new. In south Maple Leaf, houses are a bit older, dating as far back as the turn of the century, with the majority being built in the 1920’s-40’s, with some in the 50’s.

Among its strengths are two public elementary schools, Sacajawea Elementary and Olympic View Elementary, as well as two private schools. The neighborhood, in fact, holds an annual rummage sale in August at Olympic View Elementary School, which raises money for the community through matching grants. Maple Leaf Park and Playground and Sacajawea Playground are also neighborhood assets.

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