Laurelhurst has long been at the crest of upscale, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the area. Located south of Ravenna-Bryant and east of the University District, its residents form a tight knit community with a strong Community Center and local Parent Teacher Association. Laurelhurst is relaxed, yet sophisticated, featuring true Northwest architectural beauty. Its styles are diverse, but tend primarily towards the traditional-Tudor, colonial and some craftsman styles. A bit older than View Ridge, it was developed in the 1920’s, an early suburb when suburbs were still close to the city core. It is a quiet neighborhood in close proximity to Seattle. This neighborhood of spacious homes is well manicured; many houses boast views of the Cascade Mountains to the east or sport docks if on the west shore of Lake Washington. Many families move here specifically for the Laurelhurst Beach Club, a favorite for children during the summer. Local schools include Laurelhurst Elementary, Eckstein Middle School and Roosevelt High School. Laurelhurst is close to the University of Washington, with good access to the Burke-Gilman Trail. As in View Ridge, you will find small parks and playfields scattered throughout the area, including Laurelhurst Park. The population is diverse, from career couples, to families, to retired couples. Neighborhood community events include an annual salmon bake held on the first Thursday in August.

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