Capitol Hill






Capitol Hill is one of Seattle’s early prestigious neighborhoods, with its big houses and large park, first named City Park, then later renamed Volunteer Park. Other parks to be found in this neighborhood are Stevens, Broadway and Miller.

This is a diverse neighborhood, abuzz with activity. The most common age group is 25-40 years old; otherwise, it is pretty evenly divided. Restaurants, unique gift shops, expensive boutiques and large supermarkets are all found in abundance on Capitol Hill. Also, the Seattle Film Festival is held here at the Egyptian Theater in the summer.

The housing styles are quite mixed, from the many view condos to the older neighborhood mansions on the north of Capitol Hill. Among the turn-of-the-century neighborhoods and the condos at the bottom of the Hill you will find people who have been living in the same residence for over 30 years; in certain areas there is obviously a great deal of neighborhood stability.

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